Successful Open House kicks off 2014

By Elizabeth Wilkes

The first Open House of 2014 coordinated by Carol Ciepluch showcased the best of North Springs’ academies and countless extracurricular opportunities with record attendance on Sunday, January 12.

“This year’s Open House has had the most visitors that I have ever seen in all 4 years that I have worked it,” said Keith Clarke, Officer of Student Court Affairs.

Principal Dr. Eddie Ruiz felt that his first open house was “grand success” and was pleased with the attendance. “The fact that so many folks from so many different areas came to check out North Springs for me was outstanding,” said Ruiz. “Everyone came together from all the academies and really did a great job showcasing North Springs.”

Visitors were first ushered into the theater and presented with the “Find Yourself Here” video highlighting the four academies. Afterwards, guests were free to browse the displays throughout the main hallway and chat with current students and teachers. Interested students and parents were all provided with tours led by Student Ambassadors in their distinctly orange shirts.

“The tours were awesome – prospective students got to see our dance classes perform and got to meet Ms. Diener and Mr. Lupiani to learn more about the career tech academy,” said President of Student Ambassadors, Rachel Goldman, who lead tours during the event. “Everyone who came had plenty of questions and left the school with a smile!”

While enjoying refreshments in the commons, guests were entertained with live music provided by sophomore guitarist and singer Josh Achiron along with his talented band.

Visitors seemed to leave with an overall positive impression. “I was impressed by the number of teachers present at the Open House because it shows the amount of dedication the teachers have toward their job,” said Manshi Baskaran, currently an eighth grader at Autrey Mill Middle School. Baskaran is looking forward to tapping into the many opportunities at the Springs, including “programs like HOSA and Science Olympiad that aren’t available in my current school.”

The Open House served as a reminder of both past successes of North Springs and the potential for great things to come. “This year’s Open House was a big success! It was great to see how many new faces turned up,” said Student Body President, Annie Brandt.  “I’m very excited about all the future Spartans, especially those interested in SGA!”

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