How to overcome envy

Envy is the most detrimental emotion one can feel. It is a feeling of self destruction and self hatred that is very difficult to overcome. once the negativity of envy is removed from your life, you may become the better version of yourself you strive to be. If you are the person who is constantly comparing yourself to others and find it difficult to appreciate what you have, you are only making it harder for yourself to truly succeed. It’s unhealthy to let your own emotions hinder your success. To overcome envy you must learn grateful for the situations life had handed you, focus on yourself as a basis of comparison and learn to distract yourself with tasks that are only beneficial in reaching your goals. To complete these tasks you need motivation from good friends, a place to compile your thoughts and a goal.

Primarily you must eliminate the friends that are holding you back with their constant gossiping. In doing so you will allow friends into your life who will help you appreciate the things you have. If your new friends are not who you thought they were you must learn to rely on yourself for motivation. Sit in your room one day and take a look around you, not at material items but at the fact that you have a shelter to rest your eyes and air to breath. You must use this feeling of gratefulness as an incentive to appreciate not only your surroundings but yourself. It okay that you cry every once and a while and that you don’t get invited to parties like the other kids and its okay that you are just you. You and your friends must work together to reassure yourself of these facts. Write the things you appreciate about yourself, the people around you and your material tems and let these be the things that drive you to do better.

WIth this motivation and gratefulness you may continue your journey of self appreciation and becoming more goal oriented by overcoming envy. Comparing what you are grateful for to what others have make those items less and less apreciable. It may feed your ego when you do better than a coworker or friend but only short term happiness is present ;and it may feel better when you have more than someone but only for a little while. Throughout this process its important to look at how much you have grown in comparison to yourself and not your neighbor. You must compare yourself to only yourself because there will always be someone you feel is better than you and you shouldn’t strive that person because you never will be that person. You should never count others accomplishments, only your own. If you ever lack motivation and catch yourself comparing yourself to others look to the book of what you are thankful for and remind yourself of those things. As you do this write down as many things as possible that you have achieved and things you have failed at and compare that to your current situation. Chances are as time has passed you have changed and hopefully for the better.

Lastly you will find that as your envy dwindles away self love and motivation will steadily replace it. With this newfound motivation you must take advantage of your current situation and use it to reach your goals. You must at first look back to your past accomplishments and allow that to help you figure out what you are good at and what you would like to do to better yourself. If you are good with people think about going into a field of study or work that involves helping or motivating people or if you are good with animals think about volunteering at an animal shelter. Whatever your goal may be, long term or short term, use this newly found interest to distract yourself from friends and thoughts that may derail your progress. If you occur a speedbump in the road to becoming a goal oriented person do not forget about how you have already almost reached your goal of completely overcoming envy and that you can reach your goals.

You have now overcome envy and are on the road to becoming not the best person in your friend group (maybe, but this is unimportant) but the best version of yourself instead. By overcoming envy by appreciating your situation, comparing yourself to only yourself, and distracting yourself by setting your goal and reaching them you have become more goal oriented, motivated to succeed in everything and more self appreciative. It is important to love yourself because if you dont love yourself who will? Wearing your newly found confidence on your sleeve has changed you positively as a family member, friend, and member of society.

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