Letter from the Editor

The Oracle, 1969

The Oracle, 1969

By Elizabeth Wilkes

Welcome to 2014 and the epoch of The Oracle online! This year marks the fiftieth year of North Springs’ existence and the fiftieth graduating class, of which I am happily a part. ­­

I can clearly recall my first year on the Oracle staff in 2011. I was thrust into the works of an award-winning publication, with an extensive history and accordingly extensive archives. When I wasn’t working on stories and layout, I would peruse old issues of the Oracle, filed by each decade, all the way back to the ‘60s.

Leafing through each issue, with the texture and aroma of old paper, I was experiencing history. I can’t help but imagine that another student, decades from now, could read the articles I have written as if they were a curious relic. Perhaps she’ll be lamenting about long lunch lines and lack of parking spaces, as I found the kids of the ‘80s did too. Some things never change.

As we begin this journey, our stories might not be archived in file folders, but they will exist eternally online. While I will certainly miss the feel of a freshly printed paper in my hands, the advantages of going paperless are innumerable. Instead of waiting for publication each month, our readers will be updated on a rolling basis, making stories and commentary much timelier.

Eventually, I hope we will be able to offer an even wider variety of digital media content, including videos and podcasts. As our printing expenses are eliminated, we will be able to invest in cameras and other great technology to bring the best of North Springs to our readers.

My greatest hope is that the website will increase student engagement. The Oracle newspaper can now be easily integrated into students’ lives that are increasingly spent on the internet and social media.

I hope you will join us– maybe even bookmark us! (in case you’d forgotten, it’s nsoracle.com) – and support the newspaper as we make the Oracle’s mark on the interwebs.

2 responses to “Letter from the Editor

  1. Congratulations to the Oracle Staff and Ms. Raposo!! You have done a wonderful job with this and I look forward to reading much more.

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